I thank you very much for my teachers, students, leaders, researchers, scientists, business owners, colleagues, friends, family and all well wishers, who have participated with me in Journey of my life at various steps of World Stage.

I have received a lot from my life and still in progress to get some more. I am working with my projects.  My sincere invitation for all those who really want to be a part of my new journey of life, All my projects are for improvement of others lives.    Alia Nawaz

All files, publications and documents are belong to Dr. Alia Nawaz, For any clarification, please contact me at my direct phone line  416-731-7072, or email me at my personal email address, dr.alianawaz@gmail.com       Thanks.             

More documents will be uploaded soon.

Dr. Alia’s Profile 2017
Dr. Alia Nawaz’s Professional Achievements 
Alia’s Strengh and Skills
Dr. Alia Nawaz’s R & D Projects
Dr. Alia’s (previous) Research Papers
Dr. Alia Nawaz’s Business information       (Businesses)
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