As I have discussed earlier,  my education (PhD) in protein chemistry and  in medical sciences and biological Sciences, further studies  in Research and Development of pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies.

Extensive work experience in multinational pharmaceutical industry, chemistry, life sciences and microbiology labs.

Quality Control, proficiency in chromatography, spectroscopy and wet chemistry techniques, performed and supervised, identification, potency, content uniformity, impurity tests for various dosage form, sound knowledge of cGMP, GLP, WHMIS, SUPAC, FDA and all regulatory guidelines  Lab Equipment operated and maintained laboratories equipment including HPLC, FTIR, Dissolution apparatus, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer, and all other lab instruments.

Quality Assurance, Root Cause Analysis, Quality Risk Management, Policies / Frameworks / Procedures, Documentation, Technical Writing, Product development, Product Launches, Leadership, Training, and Supervision

Research and Development, literature studies to evaluate physio-chemical properties and pharmacokinetics information of active drug materials (API) and drug products

Formulation and R & D Manufacturing, formulated, manufactured and analyzed immediate and controlled release tablets, worked for new methods development and validation.

Bio-availability and Bio-equivalence studies, performed BA and BE for all R & D formulated and manufactured lots. Performed dissolution tests for new products, comparison of dissolution profile of Innovator’s and generic tablets.

Computer expertise, command of automated data acquisition systems and other laboratory software, Microsoft software, (business professional) and designing software.

Protein Research and Publications, comprehensive Research studies and experience in protein and medicinal chemistry. Complex structure elucidation of many functional proteins, especially blood protein, (haemoglobin).

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